Beyond the Boundaries



Beyond the Boundaries

Acute Knee Clinic

Dr. Dekkers provides a specialist Acute Knee Clinic at Greenslopes Private and North West Private Hospitals. Acute appointments spots are held in all clinics to ensure timely and appropriate management of acute injuries.

The Acute Knee Clinic was established to provide fast exert diagnosis and treatment of knee pain, knee injuries and other knee and lower limb injuries. It aims to provide a service that includes:

  • Consultation with a knee specialist
  • Organisation of Investigations including MRI if indicated
  • Treatment including surgery if required or referral to physiotherapy as indicated

Patients that are appropriate for this clinic include:

  • Patients injured acutely in sporting or recreational activities in the previous week or weekend
  • Patients who have aggravated an existing knee or lower limb injury
  • Patients, where their GP has decided that urgent and immediate attention and management is required.
  • Patients that have attended Accident and Emergency over the weekend and the consultant specialist has indicated that further management is required.

The referral process to the Acute Knee Clinic can be managed in a number of ways:

  • GP or A&E Consultant phones the surgery directly on 3394 2211
  • GP or A&E Consultant faxes the referral to 3394 2255 and our staff will contact the patient directly to organize an appointment
  • With an appropriate referral, our online booking form may be used and our staff will contact the patient with an appointment time